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Hey there! I’m a Content Creator from Georgia. I love to tell stories about my international experiences and startup adventures. Welcome to my introductory page! My name is Ucha, and I’m here to tell you all about myself.

Generally, I’m based in Estonia, but currently, I live in Lisbon and…

What an adventure — a life full of Pastel de Natas, international experiences, and breathtaking views!

2021 was an unbelievably surprising year! At least for me.

One of the biggest surprises of this year was discovering the Digital Nomad lifestyle and learning more about it.

I had an opportunity to work remotely from June this year. I was like, alright, it’s time to get creative now…

One of many stunning viewpoints in Lisbon.

Lisbon, in recent years, has become one of Europe’s top Digital Nomad destinations. The Portuguese capital offers everything that these people need to meet their needs and search for endless fresh experiences.

On the other hand, the global pandemic has accelerated the procedure of digitalizing our work lives, which gave…

Today we would like to tell you a story of an Ed-tech startup They are developing a children’s entertainment and media company. In this interview, we talked about their platform, product, founder story, and team. The conversation was very interesting. Enjoy!

Here’s what we talked about:

How would you describe Kutkoot in the simplest way?

Kutkoot is making…

Ucha Vekua

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